Fix Studios Cincinnati Mason OH Medspa pricing

Fix Studios Cincinnati pricing: transparent & tailored for you

At Fix Studios, our heart is in Cincinnati. We've witnessed the waves of change, felt the pulse of the community, and grown alongside many of our clients. A recurring theme, especially when it comes to beauty treatments, is the hesitation tied to hidden costs. That's why we've made a commitment to transparency. When you walk through our doors, you're not just getting a service - you're joining a family, a family that values trust above all.

Our pricing approach

It's simple: no secrets, no surprises. Our Cincinnati medspa price list is a testament to our commitment to offering affordable medspa pricing in Cincinnati without compromising on quality.

Factors that shape our prices:

Fix Studios Expertly Trained Staff
Expertise of our trained professionals
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Continuous advanced training for staff
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Providers have a proven track record
Botox Cincinnati and Mason OH at Fix Studios
Premium quality of products used
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Only top-tier, FDA-approved products
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Customization for individual skin types
Fix Studios Medspa Cincinnati Mason OH, luxurious and welcoming atmosphere
Overall service experience
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Warm, welcoming atmosphere
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Comprehensive treatments and aftercare

Comprehensive treatment options

Explore our list of beauty treatments and services. From those ever-popular Botox and Filler treatments to other aesthetic procedures, there's a perfect solution waiting for you.

Botox and Filler Pricing

Lips, forehead lines, crow's feet, and those tiny frown lines - Botox and Filler can manage them all. Our prices reflect our dedication to offering the best medspa treatment pricing in Cincinnati. Each treatment is tailored, so consultations are key for a personalized experience.

Other aesthetic treatment pricing

The world of aesthetics is vast. Whether you're looking for facial treatments or body treatments, our price list ensures value medspa treatments in Cincinnati. Get the royal treatment without the royal price tag.

Value bundles for you

Seeking medspa deals in Cincinnati? Look no further. Fix Studios proudly presents our service packages - a delightful mix of our most sought-after treatments bundled together. Ever heard of the medspa bridal packages in Cincinnati? Our periodic special offers make for an irresistable medspa discount in Cincinnati.

Fix Studios Cincinnati Mason Medspa Savings
Fix Studios Cincinnati Mason affordable luxury aesthetics
Fix Studios Cincinnati Mason OH Value packed aesthetics medspa bundles

Rewarding our beautiful community with the Beauty Bucks Program

Our community makes us who we are. To say "Thank You", we rolled out our Beauty Bucks Program. Refer a friend, and pocket $50 in credit. Use it across any of our services. So, the next time you're chatting with friends, mention Fix Studios and both of you could reap the rewards.

Refer a friend to Fix Studios and get $50!
Refer a friend to Fix Studios and get $50!
Refer a friend to Fix Studios and get $50!

Elevate your beauty experience with Fix Studios VIP Membership

Immerse yourself in a world of privileges with our exclusive VIP membership program at Fix Studios! Becoming a VIP member unlocks a treasure trove of perks, offering you savings and exclusivity at every turn. With 10% off on every purchase and the ability to apply your monthly payments toward any of our premium products or services, embracing your beauty aspirations has never been more rewarding. Dive into the details and discover how our VIP Membership can elevate your Fix Studios experience.

Unrivaled savings on every purchase

As a Fix Studios VIP member, every visit is a chance to save! Enjoy a 10% discount on everything we offer, from transformative treatments to premium beauty products. Elevate your beauty journey while relishing the savings that come with every purchase.

Monthly payments with a twist

Your monthly membership payments are not fees; they are your ticket to beauty! Apply your monthly contributions toward any product or service we offer, making your aesthetic ventures more budget-friendly and accessible.

Exclusive gifts and offers just for you

Who doesn't love a surprise? Our VIP members are treated to free gifts and exclusive offers, adding a touch of excitement to your beauty routine. It's our way of saying 'Thank You' for being an invaluable part of the Fix Studios family.

Ready to become a VIP?

Embrace the elevated experience and unrivaled perks that come with being a Fix Studios VIP member. Click below today for more information and to sign up, and step into a world where beauty and exclusivity go hand in hand.

Fix Studios VIP Membership for Medspa Savings

Transparent Cincinnati medspa service pricing

Explore our extensive list of treatments and services, each paired with a clear and concise price tag. At Fix Studios, we believe in making beauty accessible, ensuring that each service offered aligns with our values of transparency and affordability. Our Cincinnati medspa price list is curated to cater to a myriad of aesthetic needs, ensuring you can confidently choose the treatment that's right for you without any hidden surprises. Scroll down, explore, and discover the perfect treatment tailored just for you at a price that aligns with your budget.


Smooth fine lines and wrinkles for a youthful glow.
Unit: 12.50
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Dermal Fillers

Restore volume and rejuvenate your skin.
Ultra XC: 649.00
Ultra XC (0.55 SYR): 499.00
Ultra Plus XC: 649.00
Ultra Plus XC (.55 SYR): 499.00
Voluma: 725.00
Vollure: 699.00
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PDO Threads

Lift, tighten & build collagen with dissolvable threads.
Smooth: 60.00 ea.
Lifting: 125.00 ea.
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Eliminate double chin with targeted treatments.
Vial: 699.00
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Boost collagen for revitalized, smoother skin.
Basic: 299.00
PRP (Vampire Facial): 499.00
PRP + Hydra Needle: 799.00

PRF (Vampire Facial): 699.00
PRF + Hydra Needle: 899.00

Babyface treatment with
stem cells: 1100.00

Add stem cells to any treatment:
.5cc + 350.00 | 1cc + 600.00
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PRP/PRF Injections

Enhance healing with platelet-rich solutions.
PRP Facial Injections: 850.00
PRF Facial Injections: 1000.00

PRP for Under Eyes: 550.00
PRF for Under Eyes: 700.00

Add stem cells to any treatment:
.5cc + 350.00 | 1cc + 600.00
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Hair Restoration

Revitalize your scalp for thicker hair growth.
PRP Hair Injections: 400.00
PRP Hair Injections + Hydra Needle: 750.00

PRF Hair Injections: 500.00
PRF Hair Injections + Hydra Needle: 850.00

Hair Treatment Kit with Stem Cells (includes shampoo & conditioner): 2250.00

Add stem cells to any treatment:
.5cc + 350.00 | 1cc + 600.00
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Plasma Fibroblast

Tighten, lift & renew skin with the power of plasma.
Facial: 350.00
Hooded Eyes: 600.00
Under Eyes: 600.00
Crows: 500.00
Full Eyes with Crows: 1200.00
Bunny Lines: 400.00
Glabella: 500.00
Forehead Lines: 500.00
Forehead Lift: 800.00
Marionette Lines: 500.00
Necklace Lines: 500.00
Full Neck Lift: 1000.00
Jowl Lift: 800.00
Upper Lip Flip: 400.00
Lower Lip Flip: 400.00
Radial Lip Lines: 400.00
Full Pout: 700.00
Active Acne (-10 spots): 350.00
Active Acne (10+ spots): 500.00
Scar Repair (less than 2"): 500.00
Scar Repair (up to 5"): 800.00
Knee Lift: 1000.00
Stretch Marks (up to 6" area): 800.00
Stretch Marks (large area): 1200.00
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Teeth Whitening

Brighten your smile with professional expert care.
Session: 300.00
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Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change. Always consult directly for the most up-to-date pricing and personalized packages. And always remember, beauty is priceless.

Exclusive packaged pricing plans

Discover unparalleled value with Fix Studios meticulously curated packaged pricing plans. Each bundle is designed with your diverse aesthetic desires and needs in mind, ensuring a harmonious blend of our most sought-after treatments at irresistible price points. Whether you are preparing for a special occasion, seeking routine beautification, or indulging in a self-care spree, our packages offer a spectrum of options, delivering both variety and value. Explore our offerings and find the perfect package that not only meets your aesthetic aspirations but also aligns seamlessly with your budget.

Chin Fix

For that perfect chin.
Maintenance $749
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Targeted areas include the chin
Treats submandibular fat pad and lax skin
Decreases fat and tightens the skin under the chin
Results in a slimmer and more defined chin line

Lip Fix

For full and plump lips.
Maintenance $499
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Target area includes lips and radial lip lines
Treats fine lines above the lips
Plumps thin lips
Defines lip borders with definition and creates pout
1/2 syringe $999 / Full syringe $1250

Neck Fix

The key to a tight and smooth neck.
Maintenance $849
Get started
Targeted area includes the neck
Treats fine lines and loose skin
Tightens skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Results in a skin-firming, uplifted neck

Upper Fix

Ideal for the eyes on up.
Maintenance $2499
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Targeted areas include forehead, glabella, brows, eyes
Treats fine lines, wrinkles, brow lift, smooths out crows feet and fills tear troughs
Reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes
Smooths and rejuvenates the skin of the forehead
Lifts the brows to open the eyes

Lower Fix

From the nose down.
Maintenance $999
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Target areas include jowls, chin, oral commissures and marionettes
Treats sagging skin and deep lines of the lower face
Lift sagging skin of the lower face
Results in more youthful appearance with uplifted and tightened jowls and deep folds of the lower face
Upturn smile

Middle Fix

Mouth to eyes.
Maintenance $1499
Get started
Target areas include cheeks, nasolabial folds
Treats flattened mid-face and deep nasolabial folds
Increase volume to cheeks and decrese nasolabial folds
Results in more youthful mid-face structure with high cheekbones

The Wedding Fix

Look radiant on the big day.
Get started
Lip filler
Botox for brows, forehead & crows
1/2 syringe $999 / Full syringe $1299
10% discount for added services, products, injectables
10% discount for bridal party to include groom & groomsmen